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We have taken the basic design of a thermos pot added a few tweaks and  then given the pot a heavy hit of steroids


A modified base and pre-configured holes means sadly there is no longer any need for the angle grinder to come out.

It also allows for easy fitting & removal of a centre drain tap kit, included, with little more than a set of spanners..


These pots weight twice as much as the equivalent sized thermos pot and its stainless skin is twice as thick…


Simply put it’s a robust bit of kit that will most likely outlast you and your liver


Please email if you wish for additional fittings such as temp dials and recirc taps to be added. As with all brew builder kit we only want you to pay for what you need.




Product Code: HEMT


Brew Builder - Unit 22, Avondale Business Centre, Bristol, BS15 1AW

Company No: 09140389  VAT No: 193377475

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